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PostSubject: Olivander's   Thu Jan 12, 2012 1:55 am

(If you're buying a wand, in OOC state the length, material and core, if it tells you to make up the description.)

Available wands

Elite collection

This one has a dragon heartstring core and is made out of Sycamore wood. Being thirteen inches long if it were to burst into flames, as is common with Sycamore wands that are not used to their full potential, it could create quite a mess.

This wand is fourteen inches long, made out of Holly, and has a core made of unicorn hair. It is quite unyielding but smooth and particularly well suited for defense against the dark arts.

This wand is eleven inches long, made out of Cherry wood, and has a dragon heartstring core. It is reasonably pliant and is quite adept at charms.

Newbie collection

No description - feel free to make one up.
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