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Ciel x Luce

Ciel x Luce

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PostSubject: Lucinda-Grelly   Fri Oct 14, 2011 3:43 pm

Name: Lucinda
Surname: Green
Species: Pure Blood
House: RavenClaw
Profession: Dunno
Age: 14-15
Personality: Cheerful and smiling, can be serioues. Ends everything she starts. Likes studying, reading books, and getting new info. However, if it goes to things like aliens, or such things she can go very sarcastic to those who are talkin' about 'em, and can really pull 'em down with her rude however funny comments to those things. Is protective over her friends and loved ones.
Biography: She was born into a peaceful, but not very rich family. Her parents always wanted her to avoid muggles, however she didn't listen to them. One day she left her house and went to see modern England (time for romaaaanceeee :3333 <3). She was wondering through streets, when se saw guy with red hair (Grell) chasing butler (Sebby). She curiously followed 'em to someone's house. After while of watching through window she noticed someone-Ciel. As boy's and Luce's eyes met it was love on first sight, however boy seemed to be kinda shy and he looked away from her. After that (okay, really bored and can't be bothered to write it here all LOL CX) all that in random rp happened to them, which connected the two together more than they thought...
Wand: Birch, 12 inches, core-phoenix feather
Pet: Barn Owl, name: Golden Eye. Appearance:
Friends: Farley and Mikotora (i guess xD)
Known people: Farley and Mikotora, (of course...) Harry Poter
Enemies: N/A
Other: N/A
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